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The Once and Future King (2/2)

Title: The Once and Future King (2/2)
Author: tiny_disk
Pairings: Arthur/Gwen
Spoilers: If you're a part of this community, probably none! But to be safe, say the end of season two.
Disclaimer: I ordered Bradley James but somehow got James Bradley. I've sent him back and am awaiting my original purchase.
Summary: Arthur's becoming a man, but was once a boy.
Author's Notes: This second part didn't actually go where I wanted it to go, but I think hope it's turned out okay in the end! 

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The Once and Future King (1/2)

Title: The Once and Future King (1/2)
Author: tiny_disk
Rating: U
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Gwen all the way!
Spoilers: Erm... none? To be safe Up to the end of series two.
Disclaimer: I've preordered my very own Bradley, but he hasn't arrived yet. Until then, I'm borrowing the BBC's.
Summary: Arthur's becoming a man, but he was once a boy (I guess this was inspired by the comment in 'The Moment of Truth ' from Morgana when she says to Arthur 'remind you of when I beat you?' This germinated from there, I suppose!)
Author’s notes: My first (completed) Merlin fic. As of yet unseen by anyone but me so be gentle!

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2nd Jun, 2010

Title- Midnight Moment
Author- tiny_disk
Show- Doctor Who S4

A/N- Just a 100 word drabble that I played around with at work. Enjoy!

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Touching; burning

I don't really know where this came from, other than my general Sunday-ness, apparently. I've not written anything for a really long time, and really miss Ten/Rose, which seems to have resulted in some angst. 

This is basically a commentary on the Doctor's contact with Rose throughout Journey's End. This has probably, like so many things, been done before, but I hope you enjoy it!


Touching; burningCollapse )


Linearity - a fic 1/1

Title: Linearity
Disclaimer: The words are mine, but not the characters.
Spoilers: Season 4x01, Partners in Crime, no more
Summary: What if our first encounter with Rose was actually her last?



300 words of fangirl indulgence

Title: Following
Summary: Thoughts of the Doctor following Silence in the Library/The Forest of the Dead.
Spoilers: Season 4
Disclaimer: I just play here; these toys belong to the BBC


Nicest Thing

My first fanvid! Well, to be slightly more accurate, my first finished fanvid :)


Just a Drabble

Just a drabble: 100 words

Disclaimer: If I owned any part of Doctor Who I wouldn't be posting my writing here; I'd be making it happen on screen!!

Spoilers: Season 4 - episodes 4&5
Summary: The Doctor thinks on saying goodbye


Abandoned Prologue

Title: Prologue
Pairing: Ten/Rose
Disclaimer: The words are mine, but not the characters.
Rating: U
Spoilers: None unless you aren’t aware that a character called Rose travelled with a character called the Doctor.

A/N: Unbeta'd so I'm sorry if there are mistakes!


A Wallpaper for a Desk ... vierd, no?

I made this when I should have been working, but DW is so demanding! Anyhoo, I'm finished now, so I thought I'd post it! 

Click on the link for the goodies!